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Seamly Films Presents

“The Face of Partition” A Film By Sarab Zavaleta

Film’s Theme:
The Triumph of Love & Survival in The Face of Hatred & Upheaval


New York, N.Y.- May 2017 - Film producer Sarab Zavaleta ( is currently developing “The Face of Partition,” an English language film to be shot in India. The film centers around Ms. Zavaleta’s family and their personal struggle and experiences during the India-Pakistan Partition.

Zavaleta’s father, a railway official, worked on both sides of the historic India- Pakistan Partition in 1947, which led to the founding of the modern state of India. The railways were at the epicenter of this traumatic, and sometimes horrific, refugee experience. Zavaleta’s family was forced to move out of their ancestral homeland in the Punjab and rebuild their lives all over again in India. Theirs is the story of triumph, love, and survival in the face of hatred and upheaval.

Sarab Zavaleta recently co-produced the film Altered Minds (2013), now in distribution and starring actor Judd Hirsch. In addition, she is an Executive Board Member of the Foreign Press Association in New York City and has worked as a film editor at the United Nations. She continues to be active in many Sikh cultural events in America and has written articles for Times of India magazine, the India Abroad newspaper, and Italian Lifestyle magazine. In researching this film, Zavaleta gained unprecedented access to Sikh cultural sites in Pakistan. Currently, she is seeking a filmmaker/production company to make "The Face of Partition."


Film Duration: 2 hours. Location: PUNJAB, INDIA 

Language: English (World-Wide Distribution)

Media Contact: Satabdi Tripathy, email: 

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