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Sarab is an American photographer, writer, filmmaker, and journalist. She co-produced the film Altered Minds (2013), which is currently in distribution, starring the actor Judd Hirsch. She is on the Executive Board of the Foreign Press Association in New York City. Originally born in India, she is a world traveler, multicultural speaking six languages, and has three grown children. Her experience includes working as a film editor at the United Nations, involvement in Sikh cultural events in America, chairing UNICEF charity events, serving as a newscaster and interviewer for the cable TV network Bombay Productions, acting in indie productions, and she has published her written work and photographs in the magazine Lifestyle (Italy), Black Tie magazine, Times of India magazine, and the India Abroad newspaper.

Her 2018 project is a film based on her father's and family's experiences during the Partition of India in 1947.This traumatic episode in the region’s history resulted in the expulsion of Sikhs from the Punjab, their traditional homeland and the center of their religion and culture. With the division of colonial India into the nation-states of India and Pakistan, there was extraordinary violence, torment, and bloodshed, and mass migration of refugees on both sides of the new border. Sarab’s father worked for the British-built railway system, which played a pivotal role in the refugee experience during the Partition. 


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